The Lowdown!

17th February 2012

Our Australia Day event, featured on! Heaps of pictures!


16th February 2012

A Clubman... But different...

With a Hayabusa engine...

AND a Turbo!

Suspension setup.

Brake setup.

Paddle shift!

Also at our last Trackday was an MNR - I’ve never really heard of it, but its essentially a Clubman with a turbo Hayabusa engine. Add that with a kerb weight of only 550kg and this car is FAST. 

I didn’t get to drive it, but I sat in the passenger seat for a few laps and it certainly feels like the fastest car I’ve ever been in down the straight. Faster than the Radical SR8, but most likely due to the turbo rush and the lighter weight.

The owner’s brother-in-law has an SR8, so I can’t wait to see them on track together!

Check out the concentration on this guys face while driving it:

Australia Day - The Details

31st January 2012

With Australia Day now having come and gone, lets look at some cool details found in and around the garage!

Don't you love a fresh set of tyres?

Cool canards built into Nik Kalis' Evo Doors

The Interior of said Evo, with added passenger seat just for Circuit Club!

Cool VW Beetle Speedometer

A more modern Defi Tachometer

Ultra-modern Dash - is that total fuel used, or L/100km? Not a bad figure if so!

Inside Nick Strange's newly caged Megane RS!

Awesome Old School Advan Sticker

Rare Autech S15 Silvia

Custom Variation on an Awesome Sticker

V.I.P. Baby!

What most cars ended up looking like after the short burst of rain...

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