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ANZAC Day Spots Running Out!

13th April 2012

With less than two weeks to go, we are about 70% full for the ANZAC Day Trackday.

Traditionally, this Trackday has the best weather, the best turnout and is just BEST. Book now, click here.

The Most Difficult Laps of All

28th March 2012

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our last event - what a blast! Those who braved the extreme rain on the way down were rewarded with one of the most difficult Wakefield Parks to drive of all time.

Again, Circuit Club brings you diversity at its best.

While it only sprinkled for a little bit, the overcast conditions meant the track was very slow to dry out. So laps got faster and faster throughout the day, but every driver needed to constantly second guess themselves - "is there more or less grip this time around?"

Wet apex, dry everywhere else! What a nightmare!

Resident driver trainer extraordinaire Jeff Denmeade unveiled his 2012 Pike Peak livery.

By the end of the day, the sun did come out, but a river at the Apex of turn 2 kept drivers on their toes. If anyone wanted to know what it would be like to be an F1 driver in changing conditions, this was as close as you'd get!

Check out the lap times and photos here.

Still Spots Left - March 17!

06th March 2012

Only 11 days to go till our next Wakefield Park Trackday!

Time to go! Book here

On Board Helmet Cam!

19th February 2012

OMG on board helmet cam video rocks!

The Lowdown!

18th February 2012

Our Australia Day event, featured on! Heaps of pictures!

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