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CCweek 01-02-13

01st February 2013

Our first Trackday of 2013 has come and gone and the Honda Fanboys have gone wild! We recap our Australia Day Trackday, Ask JDMyard how it felt to have an 8-year project finally run and see how fast a FWD car can be…

Q&A with JDMyard

JDMyard, after a hard weeks work (following 8 years of anticipation), finally got their Mugen-kitted, carbon-doored, spot welded DC5R out onto the circuit. Here is what they had to say:

Q. The JDMyard DC5R FINALLY makes its debut on the track = Honda Fanboy’s minds blown. How did it feel after so many years sitting in the warehouse?

A. *Multiple fist pump*, yes, yes ,yes ,yes, the same feeling and relief Mark Webber got when he won the German GP back in 09.  

It's been a love/hate relationship between the DC5 and JDMyard, pushing it in and out of the workshop everyday for the last 8 years has taken its toll on us, at one point we almost loss interest in it, just because its been such a long build (we've moved shop 3 times since the build started). There's an on going joke in the shop about it being the "Hardpark King".  Mind you, the goal has always been to finish it and go racing, but with just so many other projects on the go, we left the DC5 in a dark corner of the workshop and focused on other stuff. You know, nothing ever stays constant, its always changing so we bit the bullet this year and decide to finally get it done. With more space at Smithfield, and the right team members in place; it was a good feeling to finally see it out there at Wakefield on Monday.

Q. Natsoft recorded 1.09, though in an untimed session, you guys posted a 1.07.98 – is this where you thought you would be?

A. TBH in morning while loading up the car we said "if nothing breaks, it would be a good day". 1:09 I think was during a semi-wet lap; every time we went out for a timed session the weather would turn bad on us. Adam Casmiri is a young, up and coming talented driver; definitely one to look out for and was responsible for the 1:07.98. After coming into the pits from the first session, the expression on his face was priceless. "its such an easy car to drive, I think there's more in it guys" 

Q. What did you learn on the day and what’s next?

A. In the pits we actually joked about it after posting the 1:07, saying "all it needs now is another 200kw and it should be good", LOL. In all seriousness the alignment and shock settings on the day was set to "safe". Based on the tyre temps and wear, it could do with a more aggressive setup to make the most out of the tyres. In the coming weeks we'll be doing a full spanner check on the car and fine-tuning the suspension. 

It’s amazing how rain can be such a deterrent...

With the flooding in QLD and hectic storms approaching, many were cautious about making the drive down to Wakefield Park on Monday Morning. Before a Trackday, we always get the questions in our inboxes: “If it rains, will the Trackday still be on?”

OF COURSE IT WILL BE! We drive rain or shine… just not hail. So if you wake up to a rainy Sydney, we have 2 things to say:

  • If it’s raining in Sydney, it doesn’t mean it’s raining at Wakefield Park. Heck, if it’s raining in Goulburn, it doesn’t mean it’s raining at Wakefield Park. It didn’t start raining till 2.30 last Monday, so we got a great dry run =)
  • Even if it does rain, it gives you an opportunity like no other. Learn how to drive fast in the wet and stay in control of your car. It’s the safest way to learn how to drive sideways!

Almost breaking the 59sec barrier…

BYP Racing and Developments also came down to our Trackday to just run some checks with a new cooling system they installed and to make sure it all worked properly. So they weren’t actually in a serious mindset when the following lap occurred. We can’t wait till they hit 59 seconds – its not a matter of if, but when!

Our first Trackday of 2013 has come and gone and the Honda Fanboys have gone wild! We recap our Australia Day Trackday, Ask JDMyard how it felt to have an 8-year project finally run and see how fast a FWD car can be…" style="text-align: right; margin:10px 0px 10px 200px">

CCweek 25-01-13

25th January 2013

Welcome to the CC Week. This week, we ponder on the new control tyre situation at WTAC, Tim is in awe of his new helmet and a DC5R scrambles for track time.

On only being allowed to use Yokohama tyres at World Time Attack…

So the new rules for 2013 WTAC came out a couple of weeks ago and supposedly there has been lots of talk about it on the interwebs… Which, I’ll admit, I haven’t read much of except for whatever is written on Ian Baker’s Facebook status.

ANYWAY, I don’t actually know how the decision went down to make Yokohama the sole tyre supplier for the competition, but I thought about the following scenario myself:

I have a marketing budget for World Time Attack and I could:

  • Pull my title sponsorship, then dedicate more money towards giving teams free tyres or make time attack special tyres, but jeopardize the financial feasibility of the event or,
  • Keep my title sponsorship, keep the event alive, but make sure all cars are on Yokohamas to make the competition a bit fairer.

If this were the situation, I’m glad that they went for option b. Remember, Yokohama has spent a lot of money promoting the event too, which for sure adds to the success of the event. Plus, a little control tyre with limits on use (ala F1) definitely adds that element of strategy making things more interesting!

Tim in awe of his new helmet…

A couple of weeks ago, Tim was lucky enough to visit Super Autobacs in Tokyo and got himself a new Arai GP6 helmet to replace his GP5. Here is what he had to say:

“Classic example of Japanese engineering… The helmet is pretty much exactly the same as the GP5, I mean, it’s already the best. But I love how they just focused on improving it in the details – there is harder wearing nomex on the bottom because the old model would start to fray. You can now remove cheek pads inside for a better fit, and now there is a small kink at the bottom of the helmet to match the introduction of the HANS device! Brilliant!”

Lesson learnt: Never rest on your laurels - you can never be the best unless you constantly try to make yourself better.

Behind the scenes at JDM Yard…

Circuit Club has been on the lookout for cars with interesting stories to tell. Sitting in JDM Yard was the stillborn DC5R, infamous for its build, but never driven.

A small prod convinced the boys at JDM Yard to finally get it ready for the track. They have a spot at this Monday’s Trackday, but having started working on the car only last Monday, can they get it ready in time for a shakedown?

Here is the list of prep work needed to be done…

Engine bay ?

  • install bigger throttle body 
  • bore intel manifold to suit 
  • engine service: oil/oil filter 
  • new spark plugs 
  • brake bleed/flush
  • tighten exhaust manifold 
  • adjust exhaust system 
  • install bigger injectors 
  • check air filter
  • siphon old fuel, fill with new e85
  • secure ecu 
  • tune 

Suspension & brakes 

  • set ride height 
  • tighten toe arm 
  • install front sway bar
  • set camber 
  • check wheel clearance 
  • secure brake lines 
  • check rotors and calipers
  • install new pads 
  • wheel alignment


  • secure bucket seat/adjust driver positio
  • install steering wheel 
  • secure battery 
  • install rear hatch 
  • secure/glue rear lexen window 
  • install secondary bonnet latch 
  • install secondary rear hatch
  • trim rear bar for wheel clearance and exhaust muffler 
  • secure front bar
  • secure rear bar 
  • install harness

Fingers crossed they show up!

10 Year Anniversary Details Now Available!

07th December 2012
You can download the PDF copy of our plan here.

Prepare for EPICNESS

20th November 2012
It's official, we've started planning our 10th anniversary Trackday, and its going to be EPIC!

One of Those

10th May 2012

Every now and then, you get to see "One of Those" - a car that just blows you away. At our ANZAC Day event, that One of Those was the Toyota WRC Corolla.

This is a genuine WRC Corolla shell, bought from Toyota as it used to be a demo car - one of those fake ones that they put up at shopping centres and airports. But what we saw was as close as you can probably get these days to the original.

Darryl Bush is the mastermind behind this car. He works for Neil Bates and has been building this car for quite some time. Everything is exactly like the original from the drivetrain to the stickers except for one thing - the gearbox. "We couldn't afford an Xtrac, so we just put in a 5-speed dogbox instead." The attention to detail is amazing.

For us though, the thing that blew us away was just how able this car actually is. We all know that WRC cars are fast through rally stages, but we had never seen a full-blown WRC car around a race track. How does a 1:03 sound on tarmac tyres? It was fast on the straight, fast through the corners and while on the brakes, the anti-lag was popping flames out the exhaust system.

Yes, it was One of Those cars that just leave you speechless with a jaw dropped to the floor.

All photos courtesy of Cars for Hope.

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