What is a Trackday?

A Circuit Club Trackday is where you bring your own vehicle to an organised event at a race track where you get to enjoy fast driving in a safe environment. Your ticket price includes access to a professional driver trainer on the day as well as lap timing so you can keep track of your improvement.

How is the day structured?

Depending on which track the event is held at and how long that track is, we will usually split the field into 2 to 4 sessions or driver groups. The groups are determined by your level of driver experience. Faster and more experienced drivers will be placed in Group A, followed by Group B etc with all beginners being placed in the last group. Drivers may be moved up or down in the groups throughout the day to ensure they are with drivers of similar lap time. This is both for safety reasons and to reduce track congestion. For example, at Wakefield Park we will typically run 4 groups, with each group going out for 15 minutes. A typical day will see the track open from 9am to 4pm, allowing ample track time. For a specific run down of each event download the Event Itinerary for that event.

What do I need to bring/wear on the day?

You will need to have a helmet, long pants, long sleeve shirt, socks and closed shoes to be allowed out on the track. Helmets cannot be hired, so try and arrange one before the event!

Some basic tools and spare engine oil are also a good idea.

You should also be prepared for the weather as you will be spending most of the day outdoors. In summer make sure you wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and bring fly repellent!

What are a Primary Driver and Secondary Driver?

A Primary Driver is the person who will be driving the car for the day.  The Primary Driver will be allocated to a group and wears a corresponding wrist band and must only drive in that group. A Secondary Driver is someone who shares their car with a Primary Driver and must drive in the same group. This is usually suitable for someone who just wants to have a ‘go’ of a friend’s car and will not be spending much time on the track. For example, Tim has booked in as a Primary Driver and is bringing his VW Golf. His friend Daniel wants to have a drive of Tim’s Golf so Tim books him in as a Secondary Driver. Tim has been a few times to the Track and with a lap time of 1m14s at Wakefield he’s been allocated to Group B, therefore Daniel must also drive in Group B.

In some cases where the Primary Driver and Secondary Driver are too different in experience it is not appropriate to book in this way. For example if Daniel has no track experience it would be more appropriate for him to book himself in as a Primary Driver so that he can drive in Group D with drivers of similar experience.

If you are unsure whether a secondary driver would be suitable for you please just ask us!

How many cars are out on the track?

This depends on the specific track. We carefully monitor the groups to ensure that the track is not overcrowded to ensure you have a safe environment with enough room to set a blistering lap time!

Typically, Wakefield allows up to 15 cars, Eastern Creek 25 cars and MDTC 6 cars.

Do I need a valid driver’s license?

Typically a valid driver’s licence is not required. However for all driver and licensing requirements you should check with the relevant Track Operator as their requirements may change. Most tracks will not allow a driver or passenger under the age of 17. Some Track Operators may also request that you obtain a license specific to that track and may incur a small fee. At Wakefield Park you are required to hold a Wakefield Clubcomp License which can be obtained on an annual schedule for $50 or $25 for a day license.

Are passengers allowed in my car?

Passengers are allowed at some tracks and during allocated sessions. No passengers are allowed at Eastern Creek (with the exception of professional driver trainers). Passengers are allowed at Wakefield Park and MDTC during non-timed sessions only and for the purpose of instruction or training.

What are the rules on the day?

The specific rules vary by track and will be covered during the drivers briefing before each event. The drivers briefing is compulsory for drivers to attend.

Typically the rules are there to make a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Most importantly, our Trackdays are NOT race events. We do not engage in wheel to wheel racing and we do not allow overtaking on corners. Overtaking is permitted on straights or other safe areas when the car in front has signalled for you to overtake.

For a list of rules for each Track Operator please see the websites for Wakefield Park, Eastern Creek, MDTC and Winton.

How can a driver trainer help me?

A driver trainer can help you build your confidence and consistency by teaching techniques in braking, acceleration and guiding you on the racing line. For more experienced drivers a trainer can help you iron out specific issues you may be having, helping you perfect a corner or assessing where you might be able to shave a few tenths off your PB!

Do I need to be a Circuit Club member to drive?

Circuit Club does not charge for membership. You simply need to register your account on our website to allow you to book online.

Do I need a CAMS licence?

No. We do not run a competitive motorsports event.

What kind of car is suitable?

Almost anything with 4 wheels is suitable as long as it is safe and in good driving condition. We see people bringing standard family sedans to modified street cars to tuned race cars.

Is there scrutineering?

No. However you need to ensure that your car is safe and in good working condition. For example you must not have any fluid leaks and you should check everything including your brakes are in good working order with plenty of pad left.

You must also empty your cabin to ensure there are no loose objects.

How should I prepare my car before the day?

It is always a good idea to have your car serviced by a mechanic before the day. Let them know that you are going to a Trackday so they give the car a good once over.  It is essential to make sure your fluids are all topped up and changed if required. The more serious track-goers will change engine oil before and after an event.

What if my car is standard, do I need modifications?

A standard car is a great way to start! That way you can learn the limits of your car and really appreciate the enhancement of your modifications. You’ll be surprised how far you can stretch the limits of your car with good driver training and practice. Typically the first modifications Circuit Clubbers tend to do are handling related, with power usually being one of the later modifications.

Is it damaging on my car?

Driving on track will be putting more stress on your car than normal street driving. However if you take steps to preserve you car you’ll have an enjoyable day without an expensive mechanics bill.

How should I be preserving my car on the day?

Drive with mechanical sympathy. You can achieve fast lap times without necessarily being brutal with your car. Don’t over rev your car, especially on the downshift. Always do a warm up lap and a cool down lap. When cooling down go slow enough so you can stay off the brakes to cool them off. Choc your wheels instead of using your handbrake to avoid rotor cracking or warping. On hot days you may want to do a cool down lap every 3 or 4 laps.

Do I need semi slick or slick race tyres?

These are definitely not required. However high performance street tyres or semi slick tyres will give you more control as you approach the limits of your car.

Do I need a fire extinguisher?

No, however you may carry one if you wish. There are fire extinguishers located at various points on the racetrack and the location will be made aware to you during the drivers briefing.

What experience is necessary?

None! Our events are catered for first timers and seasoned racers alike! Circuit Club is all about having fun and learning how to drive your car...fast!

Is it safe?

The race track provides a controlled environment where there are no hidden surprises, oncoming traffic, telegraph pole, pedestrians etc

You must exercise common sense and caution on the track, however with generous run off areas on some corners you have the opportunity to push the boundaries and learn the limits of your car.

While accidents can and do happen, historically it has been extremely rare for a serious on track incident to occur during our Trackdays.

Of course, as with all motorsport, there are dangers with going on the racetrack including risk of injury or death. 

Am I covered by insurance?

No. Generally your comprehensive car insurance will be invalid during the time you are on the race track. Some insurers provide insurance specifically for the race track and you should research this if it is a product you require.

What if I have an accident with another vehicle?

Circuit Club will not be liable or involved in any negotiations with any incident on the track. Any incident will have to be sorted out as a private affair between yourself and the owner of the other vehicle.

What if it rains on the day?

You’ll slide! Don’t be scared or disappointed, instead see this as an excellent opportunity to learn the limit of your vehicle’s grip in the wet! During very hard rain pour there may be some flooding on the track and if this is the case the track may be closed temporarily until the excess water has run off.

In the wet you will of course need to exercise more caution and try to keep out of the mud. A bogged car can be messy and time consuming to pull out meaning loss of track time.

What is the cancellation policy on my ticket?

All bookings are confirmed and final once payment is received.  If you wish to cancel your booking more than 7 days ahead of an event, we will issue you with a Circuit Club credit code for the amount of the tickets purchased.  This code may be used multiple times until drawn down to zero or will otherwise expire within 12 months of issue. If you wish to cancel your booking within 7 days of the event, your ticket will be forfeited.  We reserve the right to alter this policy from time to time.

Circuit Club event tickets and credits are not transferable.  This is because we keep a waiting list for each event and it’s only fair that if there is a cancellation, the next person on the list is offered the next available spot.

How can I win a free Trackday?

Easy! We draw a name from our database every 3 months and give away a free Trackday at Wakefield Park. If you aren’t already on our database (either by registering online or coming to an event), just sign up now here




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