About Us

Circuit Club was founded in 2003 with one goal in mind, to make motorsport accessible through Trackdays.  What started out simply as a bunch of mates with a love of cars and driving fast has rapidly grown into a community of track-goers keen to share their passion. Since our very first Trackday at Wakefield Park, we have held over 50 Trackday events in New South Wales and Victoria and played a bit part in shaping what is now a very active track community. Over the years over a thousand drivers have found a passion for track driving through Circuit Club and we take great pride in knowing that many of these people are now driving competitively in events such as Super Sprints and Superlap Time Attack.

If you ask any Circuit Clubber, they’ll tell you that there’s something quite special about a Circuit Club Trackday. Maybe it’s the diversity of cars you’ll be mixing it up with...from a humble MX5 to a sensational AMG63CLK Black series and everything in between.  Or maybe it’s the helpful staff or the colourful regulars. Maybe it’s the rather shocking absence of ego, replaced by playful banter at the lap time display. Perhaps it’s the over the top enthusiasm of our driver trainers.

Whatever it is you may be looking for, if you like cars and you like to drive we promise that you’ll love a Circuit Club Trackday.

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